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Below you can find more information about our grooming policy


Dogs With Style Grooming Policy:

Here at Dogs With Style, when a dog is presented to us in a severely matted condition, our policy is to shave the whole coat with electric clippers and using a close blade. To groom out a matted coat would cause the dog pain, discomfort and a lot of distress and often results in a damaged coat. This traumatising ordeal can put any dog off grooming for life.

We strongly believe that shaving the dog is far more humane and under the circumstances we will opt to shave rather than groom.

Matting leads to many skin conditions:
- Eye and ear infections
- Hot spots and sores
- Flea infestations
- Maggot infestation
- Mites and lice
- Fungal and bacterial infection
- Skin Rashes
- Discoloration/staining of fur
- Yeast infections
- Moist eczema
- Urine and feces scalding
- Severe itching

A clipped coat may reveal skin that is inflamed due to the lack of circulation, possible trapped dampness and dirt that has gathered underneath. This process may also expose any rashes or soars that may need veterinary treatment.

Occasionally, dogs tend to scratch and rub their skin after shaving off a matted coat. This is quite normal, but in some cases some dogs can scratch a little too much and this may lead to broken skin. If you are unsure, we advise that you speak to your vet.

The first time we visit you we may ask to see your vaccination card.


"I have recently contacted Penny after a friend recommended her to me. I found penny very friendly, she was able to put my year old staffordshire bull terrier at ease, using the mobile service was great as my dog does not travel well"
Mrs D Harrison

"Thank you. My Yorkshire terrier Toby looked and smelt lovely, I shall be re-booking again"
Mrs Davidson

"Very friendly and professional service. My dog Oscar is looking forward to your next visit. The loyalty scheme is great. Thanks!"
Mrs M Locke