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Below you can find all the questions we are asked regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a mobile dog grooming service?
We can fit into your busy schedule and come to you, you won't have to take the time to drop off and pick your dog up. One to one attention for your dog and no waiting around in a cage, a less stressful environment.

Is there anything I can do to prepare my dog for its grooming session?
If possible ensure your dog is calm and relaxed, maybe take it a walk before hand. Also brushing in between sessions will keep your dogs coat in good condition and it will mean less matt's and stress.

How often should my dog be groomed?
Depending on breed, size, coat type and general hygiene your dog should be professionally groomed between every 4-12 weeks. Curly coated breeds such as Bichon Frise and Poodles should be groomed every 4-6 weeks.

How much does it cost to have my dog groomed?
Price depends on a combination of the size of your dog, its coat type, its coat state, any matting, how often it is groomed and its temperament (or how well it co-operates with being groomed). We will give you a guide price by phone or email which is for a regularly groomed dog of your breed, however I will have a consultation with you to discuss the finer points and to make an initial assessment. The final price will be determined when the groom is completed and will only change if any of the aforementioned conditions apply.

How long will it take to groom my pet?
This depends on the breed of the dog and the service required, it usually takes about an hour but please allow up to two.

I have inherited a very old dog which needs clipping, can you groom old dogs that can't stand for long?
Yes but only if it is in the dogs interests. If your dog has problems standing I can groom him lying down but they will need to be capable of staying still as the clippers and scissors can do serious damage to a dog which is infirm. If I feel that I would hurt your dog whilst trying to perform a groom then I will politely decline my service. I hope that you understand this as your dog is the most important factor in my business.

How long until I can get an appointment?
We can usually book your appointment within a week. However there are times during the year which I can get very busy and it's recommended to schedule as far as 2 weeks or more in advance.

How old does my pet have to be before they can be groomed?
After their 2nd vaccination. It is a good idea to get your puppy used to grooming as soon as possible so that grooming is something that your dog looks forward to.

Will my dog be muzzled?
NO!!! I do not muzzle dogs unless I feel it is absolutely necessary. I try wherever possible to gain your pets trust, but I do have comfortable muzzles of all sizes just in case I think it is safer for me to complete the groom with all my fingers in tact!!

My dog has been given prescription shampoo by my vet but I can't manage to do him will you?
Of course that's no problem at all. The only time I cannot accommodate your request is if your dog has an infectious skin disorder such as Mange as I have so safeguard my other customers.

Do you offer any price discounts?
Yes I offer discounts for multi pet households, I also operate a loyalty scheme that offers you a half price groom for every 5 grooms that you have.


"I have recently contacted Penny after a friend recommended her to me. I found penny very friendly, she was able to put my year old staffordshire bull terrier at ease, using the mobile service was great as my dog does not travel well"
Mrs D Harrison

"Thank you. My Yorkshire terrier Toby looked and smelt lovely, I shall be re-booking again"
Mrs Davidson

"Very friendly and professional service. My dog Oscar is looking forward to your next visit. The loyalty scheme is great. Thanks!"
Mrs M Locke